Catch a Game at Shrine on Airline

Baseball in the Infield

You don’t need to cross state lines to watch some baseball action. You can cheer on the home team over at Shrine on Airline. This stadium was referred to as Zephyr Field until last year when the Zephyrs changed their name to the Baby Cakes. The name might be different, but the action is the same. Get the scoop on the Baby Cakes and what you can expect if you attend one of these exciting games.

Who Are the Baby Cakes?

The New Orleans Baby Cakes are the Miami Marlin’s AAA team. The team is part of the Pacific Coast League and plays opponents from all over the country.

Many people point out that the team has an unusual name, but the name represents the New Orleans culture. It was selected during a “name the team” contest. The finalists were King Cakes, Crawfish, Night Owls, Red Eyes, Tailgaters, Po’boys, and Baby Cakes.

Since the name changed, merchandise has been flying off the shelves. People love the fact that the new name has a New Orleans vibe. It makes them feel more connected to the home team.

The Stadium

When you catch a game, you want to be as comfortable as possible, which makes Shrine on Airline a great choice. The stadium’s 10,000 chair-backed seats have cupholders for your drinks, and there are close to 1,000 spots on The Levee in the center field area.

The ballpark has a Major League Baseball vibe to it, partly due to the concessions and cheering fans and partly due to the team’s talent. These guys on are on their last stop before they hit the big leagues, so they play their hearts out. Expect to see thrilling double plays and powerful hits fly off bats. These guys play to impress, and they get the job done game after game.

When you watch the game, you might get to see some home-runs. You can also hit one out of the ballpark at Ray Brandt Infiniti in Metairie, Louisiana. Instead of getting a bat, you will get great wheels that will make you feel like you just hit a home run. Your flashy ride will turn heads and will be a joy to drive.