10 Places That Make Metairi a Cool Place to Live

cool place to live

Metairi has some cool places that make it worth living there. There may not be a lot of flashing lights and hip street corners, but its got exciting stuff where it counts. Come out to any of these locations to discover how great this city really is. Bring your friends and family and make a night of it.

Lakeside Shopping Center

Lakeside Shopping Center is the perfect place to shop. It offers everything you need to get your shopping job done. Don’t worry about the hassle of driving around to find what you’re looking for – bring the whole family and get everything you need in one place! There are even places to stay around the shopping center if you have friends that are coming in from out of town. Stop by this shopping center and discover something that makes Metairi a prized place to live and visit.

Jefferson Indoor Range

If you are into shooting guns for practice or leisure, there is even a gun range in Metairi. Come out to Jefferson Indoor Range to shoot with friends and family as you hone your skills at this craft. It’s the perfect place to improve your aim and technique in an environment that is safe for both you and others around you.  It will be a blast!

Laser Tag of Metairi

Laser tag isn’t just for kids. Adults can enjoy the game too! in fact, at Laser Tag of Metairi, this goal is what the center allows for. Come out and play laser tag with the kids, or bring a group of friends and go to town. See who gets the highest score as you compete against each other for the title as the “winner”.

Find out What Makes Metairi a Cool Place to Live

Come out and explore each location for a good time to discover what makes Metairi a great place to live. On your way there, be sure to stop by Ray Brandt Infiniti for all your vehicle needs and concerns. Our highly trained professionals can have you on the road in no time at all. Find out why we are trusted by so many.