Snuggle Up with these Cozy Blanket DIYs

Winter blanket pile

With the weather beginning to cool down, methods for keeping warm are most definitely in order. Stay nice and toasty with these cozy blanket DIYs!

Recycled Sweaters

Feeling green? If so, this DIY is just for you. Gather your sweaters or other woolen fabrics that you no longer use and bring them together to create a most-memorable piece.

Check out the Better Homes and Gardens tutorial, here.

Feather Weather

If you happened to catch a glimpse of the runway at New York Fashion Week, you’d know that feathers are undoubtedly in this season. Catch up on this latest trend with a DIY feather blanket!

This Little Miggy Stayed Home has a quick and easy tutorial for making a feather-printed piece. (If you’d like to use real feathers, feel free to adhere them to the fabric as well.)

Pro Tip: Their tutorial is for a baby blanket, so just up-size the fabric if you’d like something a bit larger.


End this year on a positive note with this Plus Sign Throw Blanket DIY. You’ll be spreading good vibes all around the house whenever you whip it out to keep warm.

Brit + Co is responsible for this tutorial. Check it out, here.

Polka Dot Party

Polka Dots are another fashion favorite. Fashion always repeats itself, so we were able to dig up a runway-inspired dotted blanket tutorial from 2013!

Take a look at what we found on the Purl SOHO blog post.


Knitting is definitely a classic means of making beautiful, cozy blankets. So, of course, we had to add this tutorial to the list.

Stay warm with this thick knit DIY from Nourish and Nestle.

Knit Switch

If regular knitting isn’t your forte (or if you’d simply like a knitted blanket with larger strips), don’t fret. We’ve got an alternative version available just for you.

Visual learners, feast your eyes upon this demonstrative Arm Knitting tutorial and have your blanket ready to use in no time!

Feeling Fringy

Fringe is a great addition to the list. Whether you’re fond of large frills or skinny tassels, there’s a tutorial for you.

Take a look at this simple Makezine how-to for a DIY yarn fringe blanket.

Make a no-sew t-shirt version with larger fringes by checking out this video tutorial.