Geeky Easter Egg Ideas to Fill Your Basket

Easter eggs Metairie

Those Metairie families who are all about geekiness will love decorating eggs in ways that pay tribute to those things that they love the most. If you and your family are looking for fun new ideas for decorating eggs this Easter, you may enjoy making those eggs pay tribute to some of your favorite characters, those characters that have helped to turn your family into a family of geeks.

Make Superhero Easter Eggs

If you have a family that is always eager to see each superhero movie as it is released, then you may enjoy turning your Easter eggs into little superheroes. Add colorful pieces of fabric to the eggs to work as capes and paint on the faces of your favorite characters.

Make Building Block Easter Eggs

If you are looking to create geeky Easter eggs, one simple option for you is to add small circles of foam all around the egg to help to turn it into a sort of oval building block. Use primary colors for dying the egg and for the foam that you add to it in order to help it look all the more like a building block.

Create Easter Eggs with Glasses

One great way of making an egg into something that is geeky is to add glasses to the egg. A simple set of eyes drawn onto the egg and then a paper set of glasses will transform a boring egg into a fun work of geeky art. You can make the little characters as simple or as complex as you want them to be.

When your family sits down to transform a dozen white eggs into Easter creations, you want to do that in a way that is fun and exciting and in a way that speaks to just who you all are. If your family is all about geeky things, then you may find that decorating your eggs in a geeky way will help to make them perfect for your family.