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2016 Infiniti Q70 Louisiana 

The style and technology in most cars today is one that’s becoming more harnessed and impressive. More and more models are filling the market, making it harder to decide which one is the perfect vehicle for your daily life. Infiniti has made that decision easier with the Infiniti Q70. The Infiniti Q70 is a remarkable ride for anyone that appreciates style, elegance, and efficiency at the same time. The Q70 comes with exceptional features that transform your driving experience into an adventure.

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What to Expect from Your New Infiniti Q70

Infiniti Q70 Comfort & Technology

Comfort is one of the key factors worth considering while purchasing a vehicle. The Q70 has several outstanding features that make it a great choice for anyone seeking a comfortable driving experience. The Q70s installed temperature controlled seats allow you comfort as you drive. These seats are designed specifically for climate control: offering coolness under warm temperatures and warmth under cold temperatures.

The Q70 is fitted with a cutting edge rear view monitor for better vision and sightlines. Beyond using headlights for better vision during the night, the Q70 has further built-in interior lighting that is ideal for illuminating vehicle space while parking or leaving a non-lit or poorly lit parking space.

For your entertainment, the sound system is one to brag about with fitted speakers just above the seats that transmit well-regulated sound as you drive.

Infiniti Q70 Safety

The entire Infiniti lineup this year is packed with technology and safety features to keep every driver safe and comfortable on the road. The Q70 is not an exception to this with the optional Predictive Forward Collision Warning system that allows drivers to be alerted if there is a risk on the road ahead that they may not be able to see yet. There is also a Blind Spot Intervention System, the world’s first of its kind, that helps to alert the driver to vehicles that may be in the blind spot area. It doesn’t stop there, it also can assist your Q70 back towards the center of your lane if it begins to move towards an obstruction that is in the blind spot area.

Infiniti Q70 Engine & Performance

Not only does it grant safety and comfort, but the Infiniti Q70 was designed for Power. The VVEL technology constantly tunes valve lift and timing to provide a quicker engine response and comprehensive torque curve with premium fuel economy. Drivers will be able to pick either the the 3.7-liter V6 or 5.6-liter V8 with Direct Injection Gasoline, both coming with up to 420 horsepower.

The Infiniti Q70 has everything you have been looking for in your next vehicle.  Visit Ray Brandt Infiniti today and see why the new Infiniti Q70 is the vehicle you have been waiting for!

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