Infiniti QX60 in Louisiana

2016 Infiniti QX60 Louisiana 

The new Infiniti QX60 is spacious and has the ability to carry the whole family comfortably. Even with 3 rows of seats, the QX60 in not a huge vehicle; it has just been designed to accommodate more passengers comfortably without being so big that it is a hindrance to drive and park.

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What to Expect from Your New Infiniti QX60

Infiniti QX60 Comfort & Technology

The Infiniti QX60 has been designed to handle the needs of many different people, making it a truly versatile vehicle. With the ability to accommodate up to seven people the QX60 promotes comfortability for the whole family. The seats have also been designed to be truly versatile, allowing them to be folded to make an adaptable cargo space. Passengers get the comfort and happiness they want through the dual 7-inch screens and spaces created in the car for wireless headphones, remote and video games for children (some features vary by Trim selection).

Infiniti QX60 Safety

The Infiniti QX60 has an intelligent all-wheel drive; despite the weather and other conditions the AWD helps cope and enhances the safety of the driver and other passengers. The wheel drive is able to keep the other wheels in motion for poor weather condition promoting safety. In addition, the QX60 has an advanced backup collision intervention that protects the car against collisions enhancing safety for the passenger. Backup collision makes audio sound alerts to the driver in case the car is prone to collision. With the lane departure warning, QX60 will get you back to the right lane when you leave the lane unintentionally. Infiniti QX60 is not only concerned about the driver’s security but also the security of the passengers on board.

Infiniti QX60 Engine & Performance

The 3.5L engine promotes the proper acceleration of the car and also ensures power balance. The QX60 has built-in power with control, response and innovative intelligent which are connected to the engine. This monitors performance and regulates when the system detects the need to. The model also features the ability to enhance road performance through it assisting the driver to switch lanes and to reach the intended destination.

The only way to truly know all of the great features of the Infiniti QX60 is to take one for a test drive. Visit Ray Brandt Infiniti today and see why the new Infiniti QX60 is the vehicle you have been waiting for!

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