Running 4 Love 5K & 10K Virtual Event

Running 4 Love 5K 10K Virtual Event Metairie

Residents of Metairie, Louisiana it is time for the second annual Running 4 Love 5k and 10k Virtual Event that supports Heart To Heart International!

Running 4 Love 5k and 10k Virtual Event Dates

On Saturday, February 18th 1:00 pm thru Tuesday, February 28th 4:00 pm CST 2017 the residents of Metairie, Louisiana will be able to run for February Heart Month. Since this is a virtual event, you can choose where you run it! Metairie, Louisiana and the entire Greater New Orleans area has so many great areas to run a 5K or 10K that your options are really nearly limitless!

Running 4 Love 5k and 10k Virtual Event Awards

Participants in the Running 4 Love Virtual event will be able to earn two medals that when put together will spell out the word LOVE! When you win these medals, you and a friend can keep one-half for yourselves, or one of you can keep both medals together as a memento of this special event knowing that you ran in this event for love, in honor of Valentine’s day and heart month.

Running 4 Love 5k and 10k Virtual Event Cost

The cost of the event is $20 which includes a custom medal set and two bibs that will be shipped directly to you. With that, at least 15% of every entry will be donated to Heart To Heart International.

Heart To Heart International

In addition to your fantastic medal, you can also be proud to know that in honor of heart month with every registration filled out the race organizers will be donating 15% to Heart To Heart International. Heart to Heart International is a prestigious organization that helps to strengthen communities by improving access to health needs, fostering and providing humanitarian development and administering crisis relief throughout the United States and worldwide.

You will have to run your race between the dates of February the 18th starting at 1:00 pm CST until February the 28th at 4:00 pm CST. At that time the event will then be closed. You will be able to choose the course and set the time for yourself in this event. You will then report your finishing time to us upon completion of the race. Because February is Heart Month and also just happens to be the month of Valentine’s Day and so we want to celebrate what it is to LOVE!